Useful Ideas on Advertising

To build a brand identity and offer new product or services to the customers, advertising has become an essential element of the business world. Most of the companies allot a considerable amount of revenues as their advertising budget. It is easy to find that every type of business and a corporation, however big or small needs to do its bit of advertising. No doubt, it is becoming more and more popular.There is no denying that advertising is not only an efficient way to increasing the sales of the product and introduce a new product but also to give a boost to maintain brand image. Generally, ideas for any advertisement depend on the local area, the social context and the popular things. As a saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Considering these factors, it will be better accepted by local people.In the first place, some of the latest trends in advertising that are gaining popularity such as internet advertising, email advertising. A case in point is web banner advertising. Banner advertising is to the web what billboard advertising is to the road. The difference is that web banners are usually constructed using images, JavaScript, or any other multimedia objects and animations. They are usually link to web pages that are related to the content on the existing website. In addition, blog advertising is a good way. Owing to the tremendous popularity of blogs, advertisers have wisely used the blogs as effective ads and marketing tools. Above all, they are all free.In the second place, mobile advertising, restroom advertising and ads in movies are also hot. Nowadays, it is a fact that mobile ads are one of the most effective ways of advertisement. When in the public restroom, most of us will notice the advertisement in there. It goes without saying that people visiting the restroom are a good target audience. As to ads in movies, it means that advertising have to be the appearance of brand which is displayed on important occasions in the movie.Besides, traditional means of advertisement is still valid. They are very popular advertising medium that constitutes of several branches like television, newspaper or the magazines. The cost of television advertising often depends on the duration of the advertisement, the time of broadcast. All in all, they are not free.In a word, ponder over what the societal trends are and what catches the pulse of the common people. Let the advertising into full play.

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The Psychology of Advertising

On why it is important to understand mass psychology and the psychological processes of cognition for any successful advertising endeavor…Advertising has been a form of glorifying or gaining publicity for goods and merchandise since very early times. In fact, advertising has been around as an informal concept since the beginning of civilizations and former methods were oral advertising or claiming the benefits of products verbally when merchants sold goods to people directly on the streets. However with the advent of paper and writing, advertising took a more formal shape.Egyptians and Ancient Greeks used the papyrus for advertising and rock painting was also used. Advertising in English in magazines as we know today dates back to the end of the 17th century and newspaper advertising in America began during the first part of the 18th century with advertisements for estates. With the growth of mass media and different forms and avenues of communication like radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and of course the internet in the 20th century, advertising started becoming an important aspect for commercialization of products. People started understanding the potential of advertisements and it became a business with the establishment of advertising agencies with the first advertising agency in US opened in 1841.With advertising becoming a business in itself, the methods of using advertisements became even more formalized, controlled and systematic and the advertisements for products started appearing as newspaper ads, on billboards, hoardings, as handbills, leaflets, on magazines, newspapers, on TV and radio as commercials and more recently on the internet. Web advertising is now a very powerful means to take the message across to the customers. However to actually appeal to customers, advertising will have to work in accordance with the principles of psychology and sociology. Thus an advertiser or an advertising professional will also have to be a sociologist and a psychologist to really have an impact on the minds of consumers.The principles of advertising are largely based on cognitive psychology and the psychological processes of attention, perception, association and memory to bring out the complete impact or uses of a product or ‘brand’. Any advertisement will have to first focus on the attention that it is able to capture of the consumers. Strong messages, strong visuals and glaring colors are sometimes used on hoardings and billboards. For commercials, attention catching clothes and attractive models are sometimes used.Once the attention is drawn with the colors and the sounds or words, the focus is on retaining consumer interests by using ‘association’. Themes or products which a particular segment of customers could associate with are used thus for baby food, mothers and babies are featured so association would have more to do with relevance or context of the advertisement. Certain colors also have associative value and certain brands and companies use a specific color to promote their products. For example easygroup uses orange and Vodafone uses red as standard color for all advertising. The company logo or symbol is also a part of developing a brand and helps in giving identity to a brand and has a strong associative value.The association should be such that it not only serves the purpose of quick understanding and perception of the consumers but is also retained in their memory for a long time. Thus memory or retention is an important aspect of the psychology of advertising as only an advertisement that consumers can easily remember for a long time for its novelty or use of words, colors and figures will be the most effective.The development of a ‘brand’ is just as effective because a brand helps in driving attention, in developing association (for example, we associate Coke or Pepsi with youth, celebration and a soft drink popular for all occasions) and in memory or retention of any image associated with a service or product. So branding is vital in advertisements as brands help in giving a name and distinct identity of a product. So a Gucci bag or a Sony camera is known for the brand rather than the product.A brand is recognized in terms of its name, its quality and its reputation with advertisements these days highlighting the uniqueness of brands. For example, HSBC recent advertisements across airports around the world, focus on the differing points of view and different likes and preferences of people across cultures. So when you see such advertisements showing two different perspectives for the same thing, you know this is HSBC. Certain brands develop taglines or motto that sets the brand apart and gives it a distinct character.You might have wondered why models look lifeless on fashion shows. Fashion shows are usually arranged for designer brands selling clothes and accessories and usually these fashion shows try to accentuate the clothes and that is why the models tend to be rather ‘expressionless’. Although these fashion shows project the clothes sans the emoting, in case of commercials, expressions are widely used because through visual medium, emotions have to be transported through the screen to the consumers to create an effect. Putting across a message through a medium is a challenge and advertisers use emotions widely to help people retain the message that describes the product.Whatever it is, the mantra is to create an impact and have a lasting effect on the minds of the consumers. The message of the product, the motto of the brand and the mind of the consumer, these are the three Ms that are important in advertising.However it is important to understand that advertising will have to be different for different media. Radio ads should focus on the strength of sounds and words; internet ads will focus on visuals and colors; newspaper ads will focus on space and the theme; and TV ads would focus more on the emotions and the context used. Using motion, capitalized letters, contrasting colors etc are all important and in order to draw attention to the product, some form of highlighting of the product is also done.How does all this affect the masses, the consumers who will actually buy the product? Apart from the attention drawing process, the retention producing sounds and words that help memory and the associative value of the products and the advertisements, there is another factor namely necessity of the consumer. Advertising is not just enough, as a customer is driven to buy a product largely considering the necessity, quality, features and price of the product.If a company solely focuses on the physical aspects of any product, like say – an Apple iPhone looks good on the table, then it’s probably not the best method to have an impact on the market. The features are as important as the price. Then of course, the ‘hype’ that triggers a certain mass psychology in a certain way so people sometimes queue up for newly released products. But trying to tap in on mass psychology or a kind of hype or hysteria for a product is only a short term advertising strategy. The longer term establishment of a product is through real quality, usability and price and all companies should emphasize on these ultimately.Competition may have a lot to do with the type of advertising used by companies, so the weaknesses of other similar products by other companies are highlighted subtly although this may not always have a positive impact on the mind of the customer. Usually most products advertised as unique and not even remotely similar to other products can have a positive effect and can effectively generate hype and consumer curiosity. Focusing on the unique and highlighting the dissimilarity and novelty of a product in a way that attracts curiosity is a certain method to improve popularity of a product, so this gives consumers the reason to know more and they will enter the shops to enquire about the product. Although celebrities are largely used in advertisements to endorse products or promote a brand, the celebrity culture affects only the youth strongly so the entire value of celebrity advertising may be a bit overrated. This will require a separate discussion on celebrity culture.The final goal of all advertisers and promoters is to ensure that products and services sell and to increase sales and potential consumer interest creating curiosity is a first short term step while introducing a new product into the market. Retaining customer interest is a different ballgame and requires reputation of the brand, product quality, right pricing and continued high quality advertising to ultimately ensure success of the product.

Searching For Automotive Exhausts? Don’t Exhaust Yourself Out

One of the parts in a car that suffers great deterioration and adverse influences of weather, road conditions and general wear and tear is the exhaust system. The automotive exhausts are exposed to the vagaries of hazardous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons that have not been able to burn excess moisture and so on. The result is that the accumulated gases along with other elements like mud, salts and heat begin to act on the system and cause its deterioration.The search for a durable and robust car exhaust system has been on for a long time and many thought that chrome would be a good material. However, experts are now recommending exhausts made of stainless steel over all others and since these exhausts have proved themselves over time and have been known to withstand adverse conditions they are being preferred.Besides the debate on the material used for exhausts, there is an impression among many car owners that a bigger exhaust would lead to a better performance. The reality however is different and when it comes to street driving, bigger exhausts have a tendency to drain energy and that is certainly not in anybody’s interest. Bigger pipes also have the tendency to raise low sound frequencies leading to higher decibels in the form of a droning or roaring sound and while that may be some sort of an ego booster for some, it certainly does little good for the environment as well as for the general health of the car.Some of the best automotive exhausts that are now being manufactured are made out of total steel with no hint of aluminium and that is why they are delivering the kind of performance experts have found suitable and ideal. Earlier attempts at mildly coating the pipe with aluminium for giving it a gleaming look have failed with these coatings failing to hold at weld points and ultimately resulting in corrosion. Hundred per cent steel however has higher chromium and that enables it to resist corrosive elements more effectively and thus last longer.Modern car exhaust systems also are being made in a variety of designs thanks to increased experimentation by car makers based on feedback from consumers in order to lend style and better look to the car. The latest innovation in this regard is the performance automotive exhaust system being developed in order to boost horse power and the overall performance of the car.
Since conventional exhaust systems inhibit gases, these enhanced exhaust systems are made such that they relieve exhaust fume pressure which in turn leads to better delivery of horse power. The gains in some cars have been to the tune of 25 -30bhp by merely installing a good performance exhaust system.You as a consumer therefore have the choice to either go for a regular automotive exhaust system or go for one of those performance enhancing ones. The choice is varied and it is really up to you to decide what your priority is.